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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Hey Guys

I have got to tell everyone this story. THE MOST EXCITING RIDE EVER!!!! no kidding. Just think about having a small chicken snake come out from under the gas tank while doing 65 with nowhere to pull over. Yes it happened. I first seen it I thought it was a shoe string or something flopping around between the forks and the tank. I seen it was a snake and I could not turn alose and grab it so I started looking for some where to stop. By the time I seen somewhere to pull over it was gone. I did not know where it was so we started taking the bike apart beside the highway. Never did find it so I guess it fell off. Terri was not to pleased with the situation. She wanted to know what was going on but I would not tell here till I pulled over. The rest of the day was good and It was a good rally that we went to. It was at a lake in Crystal Springs. There was about 700 bikes there. We paraded thru town and threw candy and beads to the kids. The money that was raised went to the National Autism Society.

I thought you would get a kick of of this. Some people said that they would have let the snake have the bike but that was not something that you can do at 65MPH.
TOP this if you can!!!

Later Jeff

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